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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Benefits of Custom Wood Furniture

Consider the following questions:
Have you seen a furniture design that you like, but the wood or the finish applied was not ideal?
Do you have a uniquely shaped or sized area in your home that demands a custom piece of wood furniture or cabinetry?
Do you need a new piece of wood furniture that must match an existing collection of pieces, and have been unable to find that match in commercially-produced furniture?
Do you require a set of built-in cabinets which match the furnishings in the room, but can't find any pre-manufactured cabinetry that has the same color or design features?
One of the most obvious benefits of custom wood furniture and cabinetry is that you don't have to compromise what you really want when you make purchase decisions like the ones described above. Since it's not already built, you have total control over all aspects of the design; the size, style, wood, trim and molding details, decorative hardware, and finish.

Long-Term Value:
Many couples starting families often cannot afford to buy high-end quality furniture or cabinetry, and even if they can, they often choose less expensive pieces due to the rugged use they will receive from young children. However, after years of owning disposable furniture or cabinetry, many look for finely built pieces that are more luxurious and will stand the test of time.

Intelligent homeowners have long recognized the increase in home equity achieved by installing quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and other built-in components; entertainment centers, home theaters, home offices, library units, etc.

Prices for custom built furniture and cabinetry are generally higher than those found in high-end factory showrooms, but not in all cases. Given that custom wood furniture will be built to your exact specifications with no compromises, it is worth paying a little extra.

A quote, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, makes this point perfectly:

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten."

One last thing to realize is that properly built custom wood furniture will appreciate over time, unlike mass-produced pieces that literally begin to depreciate from the moment it's loaded onto a truck for delivery to your home. so go see our web site @ www.andersonwoodwork.net

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